Job Search Preparation

For those not accepted into our apprenticeship program we offer a free job search preparation course teaching vital job search skills, including application and interview techniques. The course takes 5–10 hours and is tailored to each student's needs based on background, goals and skills.

At the outset of the course, we assess the student's skills, background, strengths, weaknesses, and career choice. The rest of the course will be tailored based on this initial assessment.

The body of the course consists of instruction in:

  • The application process—includes practice samples and assistance in gathering data
  • Resume writing—includes individual assistance in writing a strong resume; students take home printed copies and an electronic copy
  • The interview process—specific reading materials, a group seminar on basic interview techniques, and individual practice interviews
  • Handling difficult interview questions regarding criminal and drug background—the video presentation "Putting the Bars behind You"
  • Applying for jobs—assistance in applying for jobs and scheduling interviews online and by fax
  • Keeping a job—the video presentation "Getting to Keep the Job You Find"
  • Basic computer operation and internet use

Once the student has completed the program, we will follow up to make sure things are going well. We provide job retention assistance and stress management services for graduates of the course, and refer them to any needed resources.

Further, we offer financial assistance for interview clothing, based on need, compliance with program requirements, and availability of funds.

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