Why Donate?

We are by far the quickest, easiest and most efficient charity in the tax-deductible vehicle donations arena. We are set up to expedite your donation as effectively as possible. We take care of everything for you, including the paperwork and towing.

We are fast and efficient. We are a charitable organization, not a commercial fund-raising company.

Phone: 1-855-Cars4Jobs
Fax: 800-391-8259
Email: sales1@center4living.org

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Why Donate?
  • Because there are no delays in having your donated vehicle picked up anywhere in the USA (except Michigan, Mississippi, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota).
  • Because there are no questionnaires to fill out, no vehicle inspections to be done, no forms in the mail to wait for—nothing you need to fill out and mail back to us before we pick up your vehicle and send your tax deductible receipt.
  • Because we make all the arrangements for quick pickup of your vehicle.
  • To avoid wasting months having inspections and filling out forms in trying to donate your vehicle.
  • Because we provide all the help and documentation you need to receive the legal tax deduction amount.
  • To avoid the security risks, legal liability, wasted time and expense of selling your vehicle to a stranger at your home.
  • To save the money you are spending on vehicle taxes, insurance, etc.
  • To preserve the environment by reducing emissions from an older vehicle and recycling vehicle parts, metals and materials.
  • To contribute your vehicle directly to a non-profit (websites ending in .org) rather than a profit-making commercial fundraiser (websites ending in .com or .net) so all of your donation actually goes to the non-profit organization.
  • To provide funding for our charitable programs, but principally for our primary apprenticeship program, which helps rehabilitated criminals, recovering drug abusers and other disadvantaged individuals become contributing members of society.
  • To avoid comprehensive title transfer procedures.
  • Because procedures for donating a car differ in most states from the procedures for selling a car. To make things more complex, these procedures vary from state to state, vehicle to vehicle, and sometimes year to year.

By maintaining a complete database of vehicle donation title instructions, we provide the exact procedure for your donation based on your state of registration and the year, make and model of your car. We take the complexities out of your donation and ensure you get your donation credit in a timely manner.

Further, with online access to every state's DMV title records, we ensure that any title problems that might crop up are resolved quickly and effectively. All of this helps us to rapidly turn your contribution intent into a documented donation receipt.

Fast (Next-Day) Pickup

Once the paperwork is done, we nave a nationwide network of tow trucks ready to take your donated vehicle away. We can usually pick up your vehicle within 1–2 business days.

Once you have contacted us and started the donation procedure, we will arrange a speedy pickup for your vehicle. We do not have to have your car's title in hand before pick up.

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